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"K.C. Express Band is a good band. They have been together since the Mid 60's. They play Black music not Rhythm & Blues." - Springfield News Leader Nightlife Entertainment Section, February 26, 1984 (page 94)

Alexandra & Friends, Feb 25, 2023 – Ernie Bedell” Alexandra & Friends Podcast, Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas


“Notes can be meme and copied, but the soul can’t be duplicated.” – Ernie Bedell

Generation B is a story about the Bedells, a black family from Springfield, Missouri who for five generations produce music and entertainers in the tradition of the Wollards, the matriarchal arm of the author’s family. For a century the family has written, performed, recorded, engineered, and sold recordings throughout Southwest Missouri and the United States. This book was written to honor and highlight the achievements and contributions of the Bedells, and other black musicians who are rooted in Springfield. 


Ernie Bedell Sr. was Born in Springfield, Missouri, to the third generation of musicians in the Bedell realm. A bass guitar player, he played his first notes at the age of 15 and has been playing ever since. As a teenager Ernie joined a band called the “Fabulous Elites” which later evolved into Springfield’s R&B group known as the “KC Express”. Today Ernie continues to write, produce and perform music with the “Arthur Duncan Jazz Trio” and the “ABS Band”.


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